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Learn to Sail Texas

What sets us apart?

We are located in one of the best sailing areas in the USA. Our basic training philosophy is in line with the ASA standards. We take pride in exceeding the ASA basic requirements. We are serious about safety afloat; winching techniques, handling ship traffic to prepping for heavy weather.

We'd like to share with y'all that our Chief Instructor Captain Chris was just awarded the American Sailing Association's Outstanding Instructor of the Year award. We thank all our students, without them it would not have happened!

Well Harvey has left our area after wreaking havoc on surrounding communities. Harvey passed to the North of Corpus putting us on the weaker side of the Category 4 storm. The good news is that all vessels we were charged with or assisted with had minimal cometic damage if any. Our less fortunate neighbors in; Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Rockport were devastated. We've posted some pic's from Corpus and Bahia Marinas. Our schedule is currently posted through July.
PLEASE NOTE we are expanding ONE of our Fast Track classes each month to 6 days each month. So many times, just when students have finally absorbed the basic concepts, the class ends. We want one more day to ensure that every student is competent and confident sailor. Our goal is to have every class plan and safely execute a trip once they are in training for the ASA 104 level. Some students don't require this additional day but, all will benefit. For those with some boating experience we will continue to offer the 5 day class

Learn to Sail Texas requires that the ASA 101 Basic Keelboat class is taught on a relatively small, (25 foot, but could sleep 5), tiller boat with hank on sails. This requirement makes a huge, positive difference in the beginners learning curve. The Corpus Christi Bay covers 192 square miles and unlike other bays in Texas, is primarily open water with few spoil areas. When taking a class you will have practical experience with commercial traffic and Aids To Navigation, (ATON's, e.g. Nuns, Cans, Day beacons). We take our training very seriously as many classes in the Spring and early Summer experience 30+ knots winds. You'll learn how to handle them. The advance classes navigate portions of the Intra Coastal Waterway,(ICW), commercial ship channels, and if the class is ready, we may venture into the Gulf of Mexico. Want to know more? Read what our students have to say , Student Testimonials and click here to understand our goals. Our sailing instruction philosophy

Note* Students have requested that we modify our schedule for the 103 / 104 Combo class. Classes will now begin at 12:00 noon on the first day usually a Thursday and run through the weekend. This will allow for drive time to Corpus and save you a night in a hotel.
We have also reduced the cost of all the classes during the spring and early summer season.

Our Sailing Courses, Once you have decided on a class please use the "Enroll Here" link on the left to register.

All ASA fees and textbooks are included in the prices.

Gift Certificates Available

Our Chief Instructor Captain Chris, (ASA Instructor of the Year), has been sailing keelboats on the Texas coast since the early 90's and teaching the ASA sailing curriculum since 2003. He now has accumulated more than 2500 days in navigable waters.

Captain Chris' US Coast Guard issued Masters License, (100 Ton), with the following warrants;

  • Officer US Merchant Marines, Master 100 Ton
  • Commercial Assistance Towing endorsement
  • Auxiliary Sail endorsement
  • Radar Observer Unlimited endorsement
Captain Chris is a certified sailing instructor for all the above ASA sailing and navigation classes.

Our Spring temperatures. According to usclimatedata.com the average temperatures are:
Month Average High Average Low
May 87 70
Jun 91 74
Jul 93 75

The vernal equinox has passed, (3/20/2018). The days are getting longer the evening temperatures are cool. The winds have settled down some. We are about done with the strong Northers that visit us in the Spring. Whether its a two day basic keelboat sail training class or an adventurous; five, six or seven day combination class, we are sure you'll have a positive experience.
If you desire additional information not covered under one of the primary link categories please use the Contact Form Link on the left to drop us a line.

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