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Bareboat Chartering Sailing Class ASA 104 Outline

Bareboat Chartering Class Description ASA 104:

This class normally runs over a long weekend, Fri, Sat and, Sun but, the schedule varies. The core curriculum at this level deals with actual cruising. The daily and weekly equipment checks, common boating courtesies, simple engine mechanics, details of boat systems, simple navigation, radio communications ect.
We start in the classroom for a 1.5 - 2 hour review of ASA 101 and ASA 103 materials then moving on to the ASA 104 information. We move to the boat around 10:30 or 11:00 and stow the provisions for our 3-day excursion. We depart the slip near 12:00 and begin our drills and practice maneuvers. Using the navigation created by one of the students we head for our first destination. Reviews and tests are conducted on the first two evenings. The mornings are spent in planning and preparing the days navigation, weather check, stowing gear etc. Whether we are at anchor or a marina we try to depart around 10:00AM to begin our practice sessions. We arrive back in Corpus Christi on the third day late in the afternoon. Students normally on their way home by 5:00.

Day One
School begins on Friday morning at 9:00 with introductions and a quick review of ASA 103 skills. The class then moves into a review of the Bareboat Chartering elements. Positions are assigned and whoever is number One, (1), will chart out the days travel. We'll take a quick break and meet at our boat, probably a 31' Hunter. A quick introduction to your new home for 3 days accompanied by a review of the sailing lexicon and storing the provisions will take us up to a lunch break. Most students prefer to eat this meal at a local restaurant, some want to delay it and then prepare lunch while we are underway, majority rules. We depart Corpus Christi around 12:00 or 13:00 using the navigation charted by a student while we were in the classroom. The afternoon is filled with sailing exercises, navigation and short reviews of the ASA 104 materials. Once we arrive at our destination, (1500 or 1600), we'll have one more review then take the first half of the ASA 104 written test. This is followed by a dinner cooked by the class or possibly a meal at a restaurant near the marina. Typically we stay up and talk a little sailor talk before retiring for the evening.

Day Two
Class prepares breakfast at 0800, then a short review and another student charts our next destination. Class departs around 11:00 for another day of exercises, drills and reviews. Lunch is prepared on-board while underway. This second day is spent primarily ensuring that the basic ASA 104 standards are met. We review; boat systems: e.g. engine cooling and fuel, water systems, AC etc.

Day Three
On the last day all written testing has been completed. As we sail back to Corpus we work on confidence building and taking command of the boat. A boat is not a democracy, there will be someone in charge, you! We try to instill the self-reliance necessary to anticipate problems and make good informed, and safe decisions while your underway with family and guests. We'll arrive back in Corpus around 1600. Wash the boat down and sign log books. We are normally done and you are on your way back home by 1700.

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