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A student from a 12/2014 sailing class found this YouTube video of a class that occurred early in December 2012 while he was researching a sailing school. I remember the class. They were good sailors. They were even doing single-handed tacks.



A video from May of 2014. Students; Cliff and Dallas taking on 30kts of wind, on a broad reach, with a quartering sea. They did it well
Sailing; 30kts wind, broad reach, quartering sea
The second clip from the same sail. Great fun, watch the effect of weather helm when Cliff runs out of helm


A video from a class in late 2013. 35kts of wind, going to weather on a close reach, bay a little rough
Sailing; going to weather on a close reach, 35kts of wind, bay a little rough.

Sailing Photos of students
Margaritaville at dawn in Port A
Basic Keelboat Class
On the way back to CC Port Aransas Light House
Dolphin A passing tanker
running_planned_log Sailing into Corpus Christi

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