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Free Sailing Resources
These are great resources; Sailor's and nautical Knots, American Practical Navigator also refered to as Bowditch, Pub 1310 RADAR Navigation, Pub 229 Sight Reduction Table, Marine VHF Channel Usage, Nautical Terms Dictionary, Nautical Knots, Pub 249 celestial sight reduction table, and more.
USCG Boating App A MUST HAVE App for any boater, whether fresh or salt water
Bowditch on line. This link is to the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency. There is a wealth of information in this site. Bowditch is located under Publications.
Navigation Log This is a form I created to use with my students. It works as both a navigational planning tool and a nav log. Its in a PDF format. If you need to load Adobe Reader get it directly from the Adobe site here.
Animated Knots An excellent animated site for knots
Marine VHF channels Marine VHF Channel usage. Note the designation for Channels; 9, 12, 16, 68, & 69
FCC Marine VHF FCC explaining marine VHF channel usage
Sailing Glossary Sailing Lexicon Dictionary
The Official Time US Goverment Time Site
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Click on link, select publications on the left. This site has many free downloads. RADAR Navigation Pub 1310, American Pratical Navigator Bowditch, Pub. 229 Marine Sight Reduction Tables, International Code of Signals, Chart No. 1, USCG Light List, NGA List of Lights, etc, etc....
Nautical Watch Systems As a veteran of multiple Gulf crossings my view on watch systems.

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