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ASA 101 3 Day Basic Keelboat Sailing Class Outline
A typical 3 Day Basic Keelboat Sailing Class:
Learn to Sail Texas will send all of your class materials when you register. Read the entire book Sailing Made Easy prior to class and work the exercises at the end of each chapter. You may bring your release forms to class.
Make the most of the sailing course, read the lessons and do your home work.

Day One
We try to limit the time spent in the classroom, your here to be sailors! Class is conducted from 9 - 5, (0900 to 1700), each day. First, a classroom session each day. The classroom is located at: 505 S. Water Street Suite 537 Corpus Christi, TX 78401. The classroom sessions usually lasts about 2 - 3 hours, followed by an hour lunch break. We then meet aboard our training vessel, and we set sail for the rest of the afternoon practising what we reviewed that morning. We return from Corpus Christi Bay, put the boat up and head back to the classroom around 4:00 and take the first part of the ASA 101 written test.

Day Two
The second day is similar, a 2 - 3 hour classroom session, an afternoon on the water practising; points of sail, tacks, jibes, and Crew Overboard Recoveries, then back to the classroom to complete and grade the written test.

Over this two day period you will learn, understand and practise the following:

Day Three
This is the 3 day version of our Basic Keelboat Sailing class. The difference is that the third day is spent entirely on the water after a quick weather check and conversations about individual goals. Then an itinerary is made up and we execute it. The extra day will give you a higher level of confidence.

Yes it seems like a lot of material and, yes there is more, a lot more! Reading the assignments and working the exercise at the end of the assigned chapters prior to the start of class will enhance and facilitate your learning experience on the water. This is the beginning of an experience and a quest for knowledge and skill that can last a lifetime. You might start racing or single hand a boat across the bay just to get away, perhaps take your family to a near-by port or cross an ocean. Its all possible. I've been sailing keelboats for nearly 20 years and and after tens of thousands of miles on the water, I am still learning. Come On, Join Us, Lets Learn to Sail Texas in Corpus Christi!
Fair Winds
Captain Chris

What to bring
This is the easy part.
1. Light color soled tennis shoes, any boat mocks or a non marring sport shoe.
2. Appropriate sport clothing. Breathable fabrics that dry easily are popular.
3. An appropriate jacket; summertime a light, water repellant, windbreaker, colder months sweater and an insulated shell.
4. Suntan lotion, sun glasses, cap or visor
5. If you own a comfortable PFD, (life jacket), bring it. Otherwise we'll ask you to wear one of our vests. Learn to sail Texas asks that you wear a PFD as does ASA. However, your adults, we can not force you. However, if its rough we'll all have them on.
6. Lunch is around 11:30 - to 12:45, there are many restaurants near the marina.

To view the class schedules or enroll in a class. Please use the appropriate Schedule or Enroll links on the left

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