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Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Chartering Sailing Certifications ASA 103-104 Outline

Note! We have made a change to the class start time. This certification course is now scheduled over a 3-1/2 day period; Monday noon thru Thursday evening but, the schedule varies. The class combines the curriculum of the ASA 103 and ASA 104 classes over a 3-1/2 days and 3 nights time period. Class start time was modified to save students the expense of a night in a local hotel, (Many students drive in from central Texas, New Mexico and, Oklahoma).
Meals: Your meals are your responsibility unless were're underway during meal time. In that case we'll provision the boat. There're many excellent restaurants near-by.

Day One We begin in the classroom at noon on the first day with a quick review of ASA 101 materials and then move into the ASA 103 materials. The class moves a selected vessel around 1700. Get you squared away; assign berths,boat systems, marine head etc. You are then free to visit nearby restaurants for your evening meal.

Day 2 After a review session we usually depart Corpus around 1200 the second day for an afternoon of exercises and required drills; Crew Overboard, developing a position fix, reefing, etc. The second night we stay on board at the Corpus Christi marina.

Day 3 On the the morning of the third day, back to the classroom for an additional review. Take a break then meet aboard our training vessel and you prepare her for departure. Review departure techniques, practise anchoring then, if class is ready... We'll depart for the destination that you have already done the trip planning for. Should we stay in the bay we still have 192 square miles of water to hone your skills. After making port we'll have a quick review.

Day 4 students are in charge of the boat. Students plan the return trip: navigation, WX, Float Plan, prep the boat and, sail with minimal interference from the instructor. Generally we review and test in the morning, sail back to Corpus in the afternoon. Most classes log about 60nm, (nautical miles) during our sailing adventure. We arrive back in Corpus Christi late afternoon, (3:30 - 4:00), on the last day. Students are normally on their way home before 17:00.

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