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ASA 105 Basic Coastal Navigation Outline

We present this class as a primarily self study effort. We try to schedule a one day review and test class once every quarter. Order your materials at least a month in advance. The curriculum is difficult. If you are an aircraft pilot you will recognize the dead reckoning techniques and it will be easier for you but, there are a couple of procedures that will be somewhat foreign, No I couldn't get my E6B to adjust to sailing. We can not over emphasize the amount of studying that is required to be competent in this field. When your're ready scheduled a to test.

We meet in the classroom at 0900 for a 3 to 4 hour review session. Sample problems will be worked that are similar to those on the test. Problems dealing with; a Running Fix, Set & Drift, Tides & Currents, ATONs, TVMDC, Chart Symbology etc. Following the review is lunch, take a one hour break or less. There are many fastfood restaurants located near the classroom. When the students return we sit down for the test. If you have purchased charting tools bring them. If not we'll supply them for the charting portion of the test.
The written test normally takes about 4 hours to complete. Your certified instructor will proctor the testing and stay as long as necessary for the test to be completed.

The sense of self reliance and confidence you feel after learning these skills is remarkable. Knowing that when you are out of sight of land you can plot a course to get back to your home port or...practically anywhere.

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