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Basic Keelboat, Coastal Cruising and, Bareboat Chartering Sailing Certifications
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This class is fast paced. The more boating experience you have prior to the class the more you will get out of the training. The class will be very challenging for the student without any prior boating experience. The focus of this sailing instruction class is to give the student all the skills necessary to handle a cruising sailboat in moderate conditions in regional waters. You will learn how to deal with; sail trim, weather, equipment failures, hypothermia, navigation etc. Our curriculum goes beyond the ASA minimums. If all goes well you will be certified to bareboat charter in 100's of locations worldwide.
We limit the class size to three students unless special arrangements have been made. This allows everyone sufficient hands on time to become confident and competent at each skill.
This class becomes an adventure vacation spending four or five nights and days on a sailing yacht. We typically log about 130 nautical miles. I've been sailing keelboats since the late 80's, teaching for about 15 years and, I am too still learning.
You are on your own for all meals during the time we spend in Corpus. We'll provision the boat should we be underway during meal time.

Day One
The sailing class begins normally on a Monday morning but, the schedule does vary. We meet in our classroom at 0900. Class commences with introductions and an assessment of goals. The class then begin a review of the ASA 101 curriculum; points of sail, sailing lexicon, knots, boat parts etc. The class then moves to our basic training vessel, generally a Catalina 25' for a hands on review of the names and functions the various boat parts. This will take us into lunch, you are on your own to visit local restaurants. After the break, (an hour and 15 min or so), we meet back aboard. We depart and begin working on the underway elements of the ASA 101 curriculum. Generally speaking we work on boat handling under sail including; points of sail, basic sail trim, a docking under sail, reefing, knots, etc. After an afternoon in the bay we put the boat to bed and return to the classroom to take the first half of the ASA 101 written test. When completed, we travel to the training vessel to get you berthed for the four evenings remaining of class. After a quick introduction to the vessel and marina facilities you are free to venture out into town.

Day Two
Generally speaking we will still be on a basic training boat the second day. We start with a review in the classroom. This will include an introduction to; ATONs, Right of Way, chart familiarity and a few legal issues. Then we again venture into the bay and practise MOBs and sail trim. When we return from the water we will finish the second half of the 101 written test.

Day Three
Again the day starts with a review in the classroom. Then we test on the first half of the ASA 103 elements. After testing and a lunch break we shove off for an introduction to a larger vessel. While underway we work on the elements and standards required for the 103 certifications. At the end of the day we'll return to Corpus. Class is over for the evening.

Day Four
We start with the remaining review of the 103 material plus a navigation problem and additional knots. If time permits... You'll complete the 103 written test. Then lunch break and shove off for an overnight destination, (if weather permits). By this time you are competent at the majority of the ASA underway sailing skills. It's time to put them to use!! On this evening all 101 / 103 testing is completed.

Day Five
We're probably in a different port. We'll review the 104 material and test. We now we concentrate on the required skills. The class plans then charts our trip back to Corpus. We discuss what skills we need to practise on the water. The students are completely in charge of the days sail, practising everything that they learned. As we make our way back to home port we practise any techniques that are not completely understood or developed. We arrive about 1600 and if all has gone well you'll be certified to Bareboat Chartering. You'll have a new sense of confidence and maybe a little bit of a sailor's swagger in your walk.

Day Six
If all has gone we'll spend another day out prior to returning to home port. Additional; planning, navigation and, sometimes jump offshore. It is an additional day spent entirely on the water. No more testing just sailing back home.
You will be tired, really tired! You will have a new swagger and confidence about yourself. If your driving back please be careful. You won't realize just how tired you really are.

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