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The following pics are from the delivery we did from Tortola, BVI's to Corpus Christi. We were under sail for abot 3 weeks and we covered about 2200NM, that's about 2500 Statue miles, (like in your car). The route was basically: Tortola, San Juan Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Port Antonio Jamaica, Isla Mujeres Mexico, then Corpus Christi. The pic of the route shows the planned route (in magenta), and the actual route, (in yellow). The route had to be modified due to an approaching Norther.The longest leg of the sail put us at sea for 6 days.

Sailing Photos of delivery
Tortola to Corpus Christi route San Juan Puerto Rico skyline as we approach
Santo Domingo clearing in, rather informal Rounding Alto Velo Island, Southern tip of DR
Approaching Port Antonio Jamaica Jamaican Jerked Chicken Fantastic !!
A view of Port Antonio. A beautiful palce to visit. My drinking buddies from the previous night said goodbye
Approaching Isla Mujeres Mexico Our pier at El Milagro Marina, Isla Mujeres, we are at the end
Coconut trees at El Milagro Marina Departing Isla Mujeres
Isla Contoy, last sight of land for 6 days

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