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Our schedule is posted through mid December. It's back to school days for many of you. We've reduced rates during our fall season, October / November and December

What sets us apart?

We are located in one of the most challenging sailing areas in the USA. We are serious about safety afloat. Corpus is one of the windiest coastal cities in the USA. In addition the 4th busiest Port in the USA by tonnage. With our consistently moderate winds you'll gain practical experience in handling them. The advanced classes will; plan a trip, Navigate, check weather, make all preparations to get underway, negotiate with commercial ship traffic and, make another port. Then plan the return trip to Corpus Christi the following day, (WX and tides permitting !).

Our schedule has been posted through December for enrollment.

As an ASA affiliate our function is to teach you how to sail. With that objective in mind we have modified our classes. we've added an extra day to the Basic Keelboat and the Fast Track classes. We've learned over the nearly 20 years of teaching that the extra day gives the students an opportunity to actually use the skills they have been taught. They are in charge, we just keep them out of trouble. The difference in the student's confidence level is extraordinary.
Corpus Christi Bay covers 192 square miles and unlike other bays in Texas, is primarily open water with few spoil areas. When taking a class you will have practical experience with Aids To Navigation, (ATON's, e.g. Nuns, Cans, Day Beacons). The advance classes navigate portions of the Intra Coastal Waterway,(ICW), commercial ship channel, and if time allows, we may venture into the Gulf of Mexico.
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Our monthly climate data. Average temperatures,(F) and winds,(mph) are:
Month Average High Average Low Average Winds
Nov 75 55 11
Dec 68 48 11.6
Jan 65 45 12

The equinox has passed, the amount of daylight hours are continuing to decrease. Our average daytime temperatures are moderating. Whether its a three day basic keelboat sail training class or an adventurous; six or, nine day combination class, we are sure you'll have a positive experience.

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